Before & After

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"I've had two promotions since I started working with Patti"

Patti involved me in developing my personal brand. I wanted a look that was young, edgy and creative. I now know what looks good on me and I save time and money. I find dressing fun and fast (emphasis on fast).  ... Read More


"I am no longer wasting time or money searching for clothes."

As a professional working in a hospital, it's important for me to look good. I felt I lacked style and needed to re-energize my wardrobe as I had fallen into the yoga/gym clothes mode.  I heard about Patti through a... Read More


"Shopping with Patti was the most fun I have ever had shopping"

My professional role had changed and I was feeling uncomfortable and frumpy and not appropriately dressed at meetings and social events. I never liked shopping for clothes and found it to be a very frustrating... Read More


"In no more than an hour, she completely outfitted me. "

Patti has helped my wife with her wardrobe for over 20 years. Neither of us enjoy clothes shopping but it took a long time to convince me that Patti could help me as well.  When I finally agreed, she tactfully... Read More