Amazing transformations

"It seems that people see me more now. More people make eye contact, open doors and make conversation."

I wanted to look more professional and credible in my career.

I was not excited about my clothes.  Some of the styles were old and some were not fitting well.

Shopping with Patti was super easy!  She has an excellent eye for what fits me and what looks good on me which reduced the time exponentially to find good clothes. 

I'm much more confident now in what I'm wearing and I look so much better.
I'm going to spend less money on clothes in the future and this investment will help my career.

Becke G - Project Management Consultant

"I like my new look!  I feel current and confident."  

The company where I had worked for many years had downsized and the transitioning company I went to said  I needed an updated look to be competitive in the job market. Admitting I needed to change and then getting a  makeover was scary but the results were worth it.

I know the money I have spent on my new look is a good investment in my future.  After my makeover I got two job offers!

Robyn G - Accountant

"I dreaded getting dressed in the morning. I had a closet full of clothes I no longer wore or felt good in."

I was celebrating a milestone birthday and wanted a fashion refresh but I didn't know how to do it on my own.  I wanted a stylish look and I also wanted to invest in quality rather than quantity - those 'great deals' from the outlet mall tended not to work as well as I had hoped. We spent a couple of hours cleaning out my closet and Patti combined pieces I hadn't put together before.

The shopping trip exceeded my expectations. It was fun, stress-free and we were done in a couple of hours. We met a few days later to update my makeup which is now fresh, quick and easy.  I also invested in some new glasses and was pleased with the great price and the excellent service at the store. 

I would recommend Patti's services to anyone who is interested in getting their wardrobe in order; has limited time; or is reluctant to shop for fear of buying the "wrong" pieces.  Patti is knowledgeable, great to work with and has excellent relationships with the shops and service providers.

Susan S. - Management

"I am so happy that I decided to go through this process.  I've learned a lot about what to wear, how and when to wear certain clothes and a whole lot just about 'me'!"

I had thought about having a makeover for quite awhile, but I was always waiting until I lost weight. I recently moved into a senior management position and I simply decided it was time.

I knew I didn't have the right clothes for the right occasions so I tended to wear the same clothes for all functions. I didn't think I had many clothes but we still got rid of 3 bags of clothes. 

Since I dislike shopping, I was quite happy to park myself in a change room and Patti brought clothes for me to try on. The nice thing about shopping with Patti is that she made suggestions but the final decisions always rested with me. 

I enjoyed the makeup experience. The whole process to put my makeup on takes approx 5 minutes and I look younger. I also love my new hair style!

I have had lots of compliments. Most of my peers are men. Some say, "Did you do something with yourself?"  Others have said, "You look great, awesome!" and others "I don't know what you've done but you look great."  While it's nice to continue to receive compliments, I've found out that the most important thing is that I feel happy and confident.

Brenda V - Senior Management

"My new look fit not only my personality but also my work in music and inspirational speaking."

Patti was a pleasure to work with and a wonderful guide to create my new look.  I will happily work with Patti again and recommend her to anyone looking to improve their outward appearance and inner confidence.

Mark F - Musician and Inspirational Speaker


"I wanted to look more professional and find quality clothing that flattered me."

I didn't have very many items to choose from so I was often wearing the same thing.  The clothes I had didn't fit properly due to weight fluctuations.   I didn't feel comfortable or put together and I didn't feel dressed for the occasion.

Patti took me shopping to places I never would have gone on my own. It was great to have a second opinion on what looks good on me.  Patti was incredibly supportive and kind throughout the whole experience which is important when trying on things you aren't necessarily comfortable in.

This has been a great investment and the package was not very much money for what I got in return.   I present a lot better and I feel better about myself.  I would recommend Patti's services to anyone who wants a boost or who feels that they could be more efficient in buying and wearing clothes.

Elllen K - Assistant

"The most important thing for me was to look credible and I felt that was the case simply by changing my look."

Shopping with Patti was a fun experience.  I mentioned to her my budget and she went with it.  I was glad she enabled me to explore different looks that were still true to me.

My confidence was definitely impacted.  I would recommend Patti's services to anyone who is a public speaker. She's not only invested in you looking your best but she genuinely cares for your success as a speaker. Thanks for ensuring I look my best on stage and thanks a million for your passion and love throughout the journey!

Sabrina M - Get Inspired Talks Speaker

"I know from the obvious “looks” I get from strangers, I have improved my image greatly."

My makeover was a surprise, but a welcome gift from my husband.  I just turned 50 and realized this was the perfect time for a re-evaluation of my image!

I wanted to look trendy, comfortable and natural in my style and my objectives were met.  I also like having a smaller wardrobe with better quality clothes.

The comments I have received have all been very positive. Many say I look younger and everyone loves my new hair!  I now feel confident and beautiful!

Marie R - Administrator

Flavia Z - Notary Public

"I was at that time of life where I was looking in the mirror at this older woman that lacked any sort of style."

Patti came to my house and we got rid of all the items I didn't wear anymore or that didn't really suit me. 

When we went shopping, Patti was amazing, showing me clothes that brought me up to date and that coordinated with what I already had.  The makeup update was not over the top and has made quite a pleasing difference.  The hair stylist gave me a totally new look that is easy to care for, a short wash and wear style!

My husband loves the new look and our friends have all complimented me on my new style. I would definitely recommend Patti to anyone that wants to update their look or their wardrobe.  She is very professional, lots of fun and knows what look is best for the client.

Val S - Retired

Mohammed A - TedX Speaker

"It's that old saying, 'when you look good you feel good'.   It actually made me feel better"

Patti helped me clean up my image and look more professional. I needed to do more than I planned. Her guidance definitely improved my confidence on stage and helped me smile more. 

I highly recommend Patti's services if you plan on doing any sort of live presentation. She helps you from start to finish.  Image assessment, wardrobe assessment, shopping, stage presentation, hair/grooming recommendations etc.

Kal D - TedX Performer

“It felt therapeutic putting clothes out that I think I knew didn't work anymore”

I had too many clothes that did not fit together and it was hard to make sense of them all. I knew that I had some good staple clothes but needed someone's expert eyes over what I had, to see what worked and what didn't.

Going through each and every item, seeing what worked and looked good on me, and having a second expert opinion made all the difference - it was lots of fun!   I found it easy to let go of the things that I had probably been hanging onto for too long.

I needed to add a few extra things to my closet and after decluttering it, the list was easy to figure out. Getting dressed in the morning is now easy and refreshing.

Claire S – Advocate for patient and healthcare collaboration




"I am really happy with my new look, and the skills and tips I learned from you". 

Shailene C - Researcher

"I realized the importance of eyewear for men as an accessory.  My new glasses really did help make my look."

I loved having input from a stylist as Patti has a great eye and could see things that I was not able to see on my own. The personalized experience of shopping together was fun also and allowed to put together an awesome ensemble so that I could look my best for the speaking event.

We all need to play to our strengths so having someone that can help you with your image while you focus on what you do best is invaluable.

Cal M - Motivational Speaker

"I was in a conservative rut with my wardrobe and wanted help updating it." 

Often I would go shopping without a real solid plan. I felt like I was wasting time.  Shopping with Patti was fun, it was focused and it was productive.  Getting my makeup done was probably one of the best parts of this makeover.  Whether you're thinking of doing this personally or professionally, I highly recommend it. This is a way to show yourself to the world, when they don't know who you are yet.

Kim S - VP Retail

Michele W.

Camile B.