Many clients have shared how scary it was to allow someone access to their closet that first time.  Afterwards they say it was helpful, fun and even therapeutic.  The goal is to wear and feel good in 90% of the clothes hanging in your closet.

Patti will come to your home and together you will do a one-on-one decluttering and review of your current wardrobe.  She will give you an objective opinion about each item. 

Patti will help you put together outfits using your existing wardrobe and take photos to help you remember your best outfits.  This will give you an easy reference when you are getting dressed in the morning. 

Based on your personality, budget and lifestyle,  Patti will make a short and long term list of the items you need to add to complete and add to your existing wardrobe.

Punam now feels beautiful and confident starting her new business

Punam was launching a new business and wanted a new look to match her brand.  She said the closet cleaning experience was phenomenal.  It helped her to know what she had to work with to build her wardrobe.  "I learned how to have fun putting together a basic wardrobe and then how to add to it.  Patti worked with me to bring out the best in myself.  The makeup, the hair, the clothes, everything worked together to create a well balanced professional business look."

Punam N - Entrepreneur


It makes sense to buy what a professional suggests because it broadens your wardrobe.

"I always feel good in what I'm wearing when I go out because I know everything works.  I know that I feel professional and I know what I'm supposed to wear to what".

Janice P - Relationship Marketer