Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

Many women have told me they wanted to wait until they lost weight before buying new clothes.   I say, “Don’t wait!  Buy them now."  The right clothes will reproportion your body and instantly make you look slimmer.  A few great outfits will help keep you motivated during the weight loss process.  Decide to look great now and make losing the weight a separate issue that can be addressed now or when the time is right for you.   If you are losing weight, I recommend buying fewer pants and skirts.  Invest in tops that can be mixed and matched.  If this is one of your goals, you will want advice on which styles can most easily be altered.

I don’t take a cookie cutter approach.  No two people can wear the same wardrobe even though they can wear  similar pieces.  Each wardrobe is unique.   I do believe in having fewer clothes that all go together.  This simplifies getting dressed in the morning and makes it easy to maintain your wardrobe.  It also makes packing for a trip effortless.   Your personality, coloring, body type, lifestyle and goals will determine the styles,  colors and/or prints that look best on you. You will have lots of outfits to choose from when you go shopping with me.  I tell my clients, whether they are shopping with me or on their own,  to ask themselves, “Do I love it?”  Only buy those clothes that you know are 10’s.

Each person has different wardrobe requirements depending on their goals, lifestyle and budget.   A student graduating from university and entering the workforce will have different needs than a women in the corporate workplace with a family and a busy social calendar.  A woman who is not in the workforce will need a simpler, casually smart wardrobe.  

With professional help, it is possible to look well dressed on any budget.  Money should not stop you from building a wardrobe that matches your personality and lifestyle and supports you in achieving your goals.
If your budget is small, you will have fewer clothes and will need to wear them more frequently.  The key is to be consistently well dressed.  

Since you will be paying for my time, the more you can spend at the time we shop, the better your investment of time and money.  If you were thinking of buying some pieces now and some later, it would be a better investment to pool your money and buy them all at once.  Each piece you add will maximize the coordination of your wardrobe. 

Once we do your Style Assessment and wardrobe review, I will be able to give you a short and long term list of clothing and accessories to buy and a dollar amount to budget to complete your wardrobe. This complete list will include shoes, handbags, eyewear and outerwear.   Consider the money you spend on clothing, grooming and hair as an investment.  Spending money on these things is a small investment for the impact it will make on your business and personal life.

 Yes, many of my clients are men.  Men have different wardrobe challenges than women.  Men’s wardrobes are much simpler to put together than women’s.  They have less choices in fabrics, colors, patterns and styles. For this reason, they require much less time to get the look they want.  
The biggest problem I find with men’s wardrobes is not so much that they have the wrong styles in their closet but rather their clothes are worn out or they are no longer fitting as they once did or they are the wrong colour and need to be replaced. An updated haircut, current glasses, shoes and belts complete their overall look.