The first thing people notice about you is your face,  and especially your eyes,  so it is important to choose the right eyewear.

Glasses are a personal accessory, much like a handbag or jewelry.  More than any other accessory, eyewear can add excitement and also update your overall appearance.  There is no such thing as wearing neutral glasses,  everything you wear makes a statement.   

It is no longer a case of you having to wear glasses,  but now your glasses can add a chic or spicy look to your work or casual outfits.   If you’d like help choosing those next frames, contact Patti.

Patti has helped me identify my style and will put me into a lot of things that I might not have thought that I could wear,  but I love them and have fun with them!

Heather B - Event Planner

"I would never have tried these glasses on and they were even more of a stretch to buy them but I appreciate Patti and her team's help and expertise in helping me choose them." 

George M - Well Balanced Designs - Builder

"The eyewear selection was the biggest stretch for me and took some time to get used to.   I'm glad I trusted Patti and her team and went with the glasses they chose because now I love them and get so many comments.  I keep hearing that my look is stylish and european looking.  The best part is,  I still look like myself - just my best self."

Stella N - Architect


"I spent a lot of years working with college students and hadn't paid much attention to my look.  I put myself in Patti and her professional team's hands in suggesting what styles were current and would look best on me.  

I feel great in my new look. I think I'm still growing into it but I already feel more professional."

Barry W - Pastor