Have you been wearing and applying the same makeup in the same way for years and feel you need a change?   Do you have a drawer full of makeup that you seldom wear?

During this session Patti will look at the makeup you are currently using and add new colours and techniques to enhance your features.   

She’ll create a 5-minute daily makeup routine as well as show you how to effortlessly take your makeup from day to evening. 

 "Getting my makeup done was quite an eye opener.  I had to redo everything. I had a drawer full of makeup I had been using for decades and I needed to start fresh. I needed makeup that make me look more youthful and current and that made me feel good.   Patti showed me the current colors and how to apply them.  I can now open my drawers and its easy.  I don’t have to sort through reams of different kinds of makeup wondering what’s going to work.  It’s just all laid out, simple, nice, fresh and easy."

Chenine H - Business Owner

"I had worn very little makeup in the past.  I was unsure of myself.   Patti showed me exactly what to use and how to apply it and what brushes to use.  I've been carrying on ever since."

Margaret M - Retired Educator


"Thanks Patti.  I’ve been doing the makeup routine since we had the session and have received so many compliments!   Thanks again for such an awesome tutorial and session.  I’m so grateful for all the tips I’ve gained."

Kate H 

"Before working with Patti, I barely wore makeup.  What I was doing didn't make me look fabulous so I rarely bothered taking the time.  Patti put together a quick routine which makes me look brighter, fresher and younger and doesn't take much time.  She also showed me how to use some of the makeup I already had."

Stella N - Architect

"I have a love of buying makeup, but didn't have a plan or clarity of what looked good on me.
I did a makeup update with Patti and now I have a simple makeup routine I love and am good at.  Letting a pro help you out is very wise.  The value is fantastic!"

Zan R - Vital Body