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The new year is finally in full swing, and with it are the fashion choices that will drive looks right to the end of 2023.   As we look around to see what this year has in store for fashion, there are five key colours that will be popping up in the trendiest of Vancouver’s closets.  Here's what they are.

Intense Red

Topping the list is intense red, a bold and vibrant hue. This colour is most popular when combined with the more neutral tones of navy or black,  but it can also be worn as a statement piece all on its own.   Whether you decide to go all-out and wear it from head-to-toe or just use it as an accent, intense red is sure to make an impact this year.

Green Pistachio

The next colour making waves this year is green pistachio.  This subtle pastel green has been taking centre stage at recent fashion shows, and it looks like it’s here to stay.   The beauty of this shade lies in its versatility.  You can mix it with brighter colours for a fun and eye-catching look, or wear it with neutrals for something more subdued.


This bright and happy color works especially well for those warmer summer days.   It goes particularly well with white for a classic nautical look or it can be mixed with shades of blues together for something unique and unexpected.  You can also add some flare by pairing turquoise with a piece of statement jewellery.


Perfectly versatile, this powdery hue works with just about any palette.  Incorporating this colour throughout the seasons can include a light purple dress or a printed skirt  as lavender is an easy way to spruce up any look.  Whether you opt for a traditional pastel tone or choose a vibrant violet twist,  incorporating lavender into your wardrobe this year is a great way to refresh any wardrobe.

Solar Yellow

Finally, don’t forget about solar yellow.  This bright pop of sunshine makes any outfit stand out from the crowd and adds an instant boost of energy.   Solar yellow is a great way to add a splash of color or it can be paired with other bright colours this summer, so get creative and have some fun with it.  

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe this year, adding these colours is a fantastic first step.  Your next step should be calling Patti Morrison and learning how she can help you boost your confidence, increase your credibility and generate new opportunities with styling packages for all ages, sizes, needs and budgets. Schedule a fun and easy consultation today at