Are your clothes either too businessy, too dressy or too casual?  
Are you discovering your new identity for this next season?  
Do you find it difficult to know how to dress and find clothes for your new casual lifestyle?

This package is a great fit for people who:

  • are entering a new season in their life

  • want to simplify their wardrobe

  • want to find clothes that fit their lifestyle and body shape

  • want to know and develop their own personal style

  • want to feel better about themselves and their appearance

  • want the confidence that comes from knowing they are looking their best

This package includes:

  • A Personal Style Assessment

  • Complete Wardrobe Edit and Review

  • Shopping Plan (with a short and long term list)

  • Wardrobe and Accessory Shopping Day

  • Makeup consultation and hair styling tips
  • Complete outfits that match your unique lifestyle. These may include:

             - lunches with friends

             - casual evenings with family and friends

             - travel outfits for cruises and tropical destinations

             - social events, dinners, theater, symphonies

             - spending time with the grandchildren

             - volunteer functions

  • Photos to document your looks along the way

  • Follow-up consultation to answer any questions and ensure you are enjoying your new look and getting maximum coordination from your new wardrobe

and much much more!

First Impressions - Dressing For Impact Book &
A Photo Wardrobe Review Book for quick reference of favourite outfits

Optional Package Add Ons:
Eyewear selection 
Haircut and styling
Professional photo shoot

"I decided to get some help with my styling because I decided it was time to get out from behind zoom. I am not a shopper and it was overwhelming and it takes forever and I end up with pieces I don't know what to do with.
I gutted my closet of things that were not useful or did not look good.  The shopping experience was exceptional.   All I had to do was just try on clothes.  Within an hour and a half I had a wardrobe for spring, summer, fall and winter."

Leanne A - Management Consultant

"The most difficult part of the makeover was handing over the reins to Patti.  This was something I struggled with but I realized that I needed some professional help.  The best part of the experience was discovering that there was a whole world of opportunity for clothes for me that I never found for myself.  It was quick, we tried a couple dozen items on in the course of an hour and a half and we walked out and I had a complete wardrobe in that amount of time."

Eric - Business Owner


"I was wanting to rebrand myself personally and professionally.  I needed help with what was current, what was me and what would help me launch into this new phase."  

Chenine H - Business Owner

"I've always hated shopping.  Before finding Patti it felt like I was trying to play a game I didn't know the rules to and it was confusing and I never felt like I was managing to do it right.  With Patti I feel like I've just been treated like royalty.  She picks it out, it happens and its beautiful.  When I get dressed in the morning I am actually getting dressed to be the best version of myself.  I'm stepping into a stronger, clearer, more confident version of me. "

Candice B - Entrepreneur


"I'm newly retired and my clothes had become outdated. 
It's a new chapter.  Let's just put some spring into it and feel good again about the clothes I was putting on.  Before when I was shopping on my own I never really knew if something suited me or not and it was good to have Patti say yes, this looks great and I could see it."

Margaret D - Newly Retired

"I loved the quote in Patti's book "Think of it as getting your closet ready for the future, not keeping it full of the past." 

When I first started working with Patti I told her I wanted to look current, age-appropriate, fashionable, feminine, attractive, competent, credible, natural, put-together, approachable and interesting.  I wanted to feel better about myself, have more confidence, feel energized and see myself differently.  All of my objectives were met and more.  

Margaret D - Retired Educator