Have fantastic pictures taken of you for your business or personal use.  Patti will accompany you to the photo studio to touch up your hair and makeup and will help you choose three different outfits for your personal photo shoot.  You will learn exactly how to stand or position yourself to look your best.  Your three favourite images will be professionally enhanced for your business or private use.  You'll also receive digital copies of the photos from your session which, besides being great for your personal use, are also ideal for your website and social media.

Leanne loves how she feels in her clothes and she says she feels more confident. She went on a client trip and knew how everything would work. She knew the jewelry and the makeup and knew how everything worked together. She felt it was worth the investment and would recommend Patti's services to anybody who wants to refresh their look.

Having the expertise of Patti and Anita, the photographer, she decided to take advantage of the photoshoot. Patti and Anita thought through the outfits, the hair and makeup and put it all together. Leanne just showed up and they positioned her, made sure she was smiling and made sure every detail was in place. It was a fun process.

Leanne A - Management Consultant

"This experience was very positive...the cueing I received from both Patti and Anita, the ways they both created a comfortable atmosphere for me, the confidence I felt from them coaching me on what to wear and my make-up application.  I would not have imagined the number of shots that were taken and the variety of poses that were involved.  I like the natural friendly yet professional image of my pictures and have gotten great response using them for my social media sites.”

Suzanne K - MA, RCC, Counsellor

I have never had so much fun having my picture taken or had such great pictures taken.  I have been able to use thes pictures for a variety of events, both personal and professional.   

Patti and Anita are a great team!

Sally S - Ambassador