This service is for everyone who hates shopping, but needs or wants to look good. 
Do you feel overwhelmed when you walk into a store and see rack upon rack of clothes?
Do you think you like an outfit when you try it on in a store but when you get it home, feel it might have been a mistake?

You’ll save time, money and energy working with an expert. Keeping your budget and lifestyle in mind, Patti will help you choose items that work with your existing wardrobe as well as finding items that you probably would never have chosen yourself, but soon discover are your favourites. Patti will work with you so that getting dressed in the morning is a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


Sonja was starting a new job and wanted to have her outsides match who she was on the inside

Before her makeover, Sonja struggled in the morning, wondering if things were the right fit and if they looked good. it got to the point where she just didn't care and decided to get help. Sonja says the closet cleaning experience was fantastic.  She enjoyed being able to see herself and her clothes in a new light.  She found shopping with Patti was really fun and she felt good in everything she tried on. Now getting dressed in the morning is easy, everything goes together and she has a good idea of what looks good on her.  She feels confident and feels like the best version of herself everyday.

Sonja V - Healthcare Management


Getting help with his wardrobe has made Barry feel more professional and has given him greater confidence.


Barry's Transformation!

"I didn't like shopping and I didn't know what to buy when I did go shopping.  Shopping with a personal stylist made it simple.  The whole experience was great!"

Barry W - Pastor

After doing my first wardrobe consultation I was just blown away. It made my life so much easier."

Doreen G - Educator