Great for Business Owners, Realtors, Service Providers, Speakers and Sales Professionals.  This package is for professionals who want a confident, approachable look when meeting with clients and who depend on a credible look when making presentations and sales.
People make instant assumptions about us, based solely on how we look.
For this reason, it is important to have the right look to attract that ideal client.

This package is a great fit for people who:

  • want to take their business to the next level

  • want to position themselves for higher income opportunities

  • want greater credibility in the workplace

  • want to attract new relationships in their business or personal life

  • want to know and develop their own personal style

  • want the confidence that comes from knowing they are looking their best

This package includes:

  • A Personal Style Assessment 
  • Complete Wardrobe Decluttering and Review

  • Shopping Plan (with a short and long term list)

  • Wardrobe and Accessory Shopping Day

  • Makeup Consultation and Hair Styling Tips

  • Complete outfits for:

              - networking
              - client meetings
              - presentations
              - formal and casual business events
              - coffee, lunch and dinner meetings

  • Casual outfits to match your lifestyle too!

  • Shoes and legwear review to enhance your best features

  • Coordinated outfits that match your personality and unique brand

  • Photos to document your looks along the way

  • Professional Photo shoot

    - Be professionally styled for a business or a fun lifestyle photo shoot with fabulous headshots, suitable for a polished business profile or for your own personal use

    (includes hair and makeup touch up the day of the shoot as well as clothing and accessory selection for three outfits)

  • Follow-up consultation to answer any questions and ensure you are enjoying your new look and getting maximum coordination from your new wardrobe

and much much more!

First Impressions - Dressing For Impact Book &
A Photo Wardrobe Review Book for quick reference of your favourite outfits

"Patti challenges me to try new things, different styles than I would pick on my own.  In addition to my clothes, Patti helped me with my hair, my makeup, product, everything I need and it's made a huge impact in my life.  I save money, I save time and I save energy.  I feel that every day I look put together."

Wendy B - Property Manager


Kim's New Look!

"Shopping with Patti was fun, focused and productive and there were lots of fabulous outfits to choose from."

Kim S - VP Retail

Kim was in a conservative rut with her wardrobe and wanted help updating it.  She felt she was wasting time shopping without a plan.  Going through the 7 Step Makeover System, transformed her overall look.  She completed her new look with a new hairstyle, makeup and glasses.

Kim S - VP Retail



"It was a really fun and pleasant experience.  It didn't take up a lot of time.  Patti did a lot of the legwork.  You can involve the family, friends and your colleagues.  They can all play a role in helping you become who you are, what you want to be so it was really fun."

Ajay P - Management

Ajay's Complete Transformation!

Ajay decided to get help with his wardrobe because he was moving into a new role and wanted to refresh his look. He doesn't usually like shopping but found shopping with an Image Consultant, quick, easy and quite enjoyable.

Ajay P - President


My professional role had changed and I was feeling uncomfortable and frumpy and not appropriately dressed at meetings and social events. I never liked shopping for clothes and found it to be a very frustrating experience.  Shopping with Patti was the most fun I have ever had shopping for clothes. Having someone choose clothes that were flattering on me and helping me put together outfits was wonderful. 

I have gotten so many compliments about the changes I have made. "What is different about you? I don't know what it is, but it is really working for you!"  "Have you lost weight?"  "Those glasses look amazing on you!" Investing in me has been a huge boost to my confidence and has increased my self esteem. I now feel put together and have clothes that fit and are comfortable, yet are professional and reflect my personality. 

Donna N - Nurse Practitioner

Patti has helped my wife with her wardrobe for over 20 years. Neither of us enjoy clothes shopping but it took a long time to convince me that Patti could help me as well.  When I finally agreed, she tactfully cleaned my closet.  A lot of my clothes were worn and VERY out-dated! 

I met her at a local menswear store and in no more than an hour, she completely outfitted me. I now have fewer items in my closet but everything coordinates leaving no room for ‘fashion disasters’.  Her service is more than worth it, as buying less, but buying correctly the first time, we also save monetarily in the long run.

Richard D.