If you are wanting to get started but are not ready to shop for new items,
take advantage of this package and get your existing wardrobe working.
When it is 
time to add, you will know exactly what to add and in what order.

This package is a great fit for people who:

  • Have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear
  • Want to eliminate the frustration of their wardrobe not working
  • Have good items but have difficulty putting together great looks
  • Want to know and develop their own personal style
  • Want to feel better about themselves and their appearance

This package includes:

  • A Personal Style Assessment
  • Wardrobe Review
  • Shopping Plan (short and long term list)

First Impressions - Dressing For Impact Book &
A Photo Wardrobe Review Book for quick reference of your favourite outfits

"Keeping up with your wardrobe pushes you to take bigger chances, take bigger risks, be more courageous and make a bigger contribution."

Janey T - Educator