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As you are reading this, I hope you are well and healthy. 
2020 so far has been an interesting and difficult year.  As we move to summer, I'm looking forward to experiencing a sense of normalcy again while still respecting the guidelines. 
I just got back from a week away in Parksville with our family.  These are my six sweet grandchildren.  We had a lot of fun going to the beach, going on walks, swimming and even playing adventure golf.
During the quarantine season, I talked to many of you and discovered a few things many of us have had in common.
1. The quarantine diet has not been friendly on the waistline.  We've been eating comfort foods  and are finding our clothes are not fitting as well as they used to.
 2. We ended up editing down our wardrobes and found ourselves wearing the same basic wardrobe pieces over and over again.
3. We have slacked off with our hair, makeup and grooming routines and have not been feeling 100% about our overall appearance.
I was happy to know I was not alone in this.  Can you relate?
With summer arriving, I have felt ready and wanting to get back to my previous routines.  
I am sure you have put away your winter clothes and have started to pull out your warmer weather clothes.  If you are ready to refresh your summer basics with a few new pieces, the stores have a fantastic selection.
The small boutiques especially, really appreciate the business right now and there is a fantastic selection of summer items in every size and color. 
Whether you are needing a casual jacket, capris that fit, a few new tops to update your wardrobe or some casual summer dresses, there is lots to choose from. 
If you'd like to come shopping with me, call me at 604-929-2193 or email me.