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Summer is a season full of refreshing colours, bright patterns and playful accessories, and living in Vancouver we know how to take advantage of the season and make it our own.  But what about the late summer months? As we move from July to August, the sun still shines, but the colours and accessories take on a new flavour. Let's explore the best late summer colours and accessories for stylish Vancouver women, that will have you glowing through the end of August.


Indigo is a colour that is often underappreciated in the summer months, but it shines in late summer. It is a darker shade of blue that resembles the night sky. Combining indigo with other cool colours, such as white or silver, creates a modern, refined look for July and August.  This colour is readily available this season.  Whether it's an indigo blouse, skirt or dress, you can bring out the best of this colour during a late summer garden party or social event.

Earth Tones

Earthy, muted colours such as sage green, khaki, burnt orange and mustard are perfect for late summer. These colours represent the warmth of the sun and the earthy shades that surround us.  If these colours look good on you, purchase a few new summer pieces, because they are available in every line this season and will be a great addition to your wardrobe.  

Statement Bags

In Vancouver, a statement bag is a must-have accessory to add sizzle to your summer look. Choose a vibrant, coloured clutch or an oversized bag to elevate any outfit. You can pair these bags with any colour to make your look pop.

Bold Earrings

Larger earrings are all the rage this summer. They provide a bold, unique look to any outfit. Choose a pair of larger hoops, chunky shapes, a mix of metals or studded stones for an edgy, current look.  Pair your earrings with a new makeup look and a crisp summer outfit.


Sunglasses never go out of style because they provide both function and fashion. This summer, opt for a square-framed look or dramatic cat-eye shades. Choose whatever fits your style and personality best and protect your eyes while enjoying your outside activities. Sometimes a second opinion is what helps you find that perfect design, which is something I've helped many people with. With the right pieces, you can create unique looks that will make a statement and turn heads at any summer event if that’s what you’re looking for - and these tips are just the beginning! Now is the time to contact Patti Morrison and learn how she can help you boost your confidence, increase your credibility and generate new opportunities with styling packages for all ages, sizes, needs and budgets. Schedule a fun and easy consultation today at