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Whether you see yourself continuing to hibernate for a number of months or are optimistic that this pandemic will soon be behind us, this is a great time to do a self-care check-in.   It’s been almost a year since our lives were seriously affected by the pandemic.  Working from home, a lack of day-to-day social interaction and no events to attend has made it difficult for many of us to stay motivated to maintain the level of self-care that was once routine.  

If you have let your self-care routines slide, the good news is that it just takes a little creativity and effort to incorporate new routines. The benefits of self-care far outweigh the discipline required to maintain it.

Here are 5 areas of self-care that will increase your feeling of wellbeing.

1.  Exercise

We feel better when we move.  Are you feeling stiff because you have not been able to exercise in the way you did before?  Do something to increase your level of activity from a zoom exercise class to just getting outside and walking more.

2.  Healthy Eating

I know I have indulged and have enjoyed a lot more comfort food than I have in the past.  For me the first step has been to stop buying those foods that I shouldn’t be eating and to get the right foods in the house to enable making healthier choices.

3.  Skin Care Regime

Our skin can easily become dry and dull looking.  An easy way to rejuvenate your skin is to start drinking more water.  Another way is to start moisturizing.  If you have run out of products, replenish them.  Your face will again look fresh and dewy and will take on a new noticeable glow.

4.  Hair and Makeup

This is an area that is easy to start cutting corners.  We can get up in the morning and apart from a few zoom calls, we may feel like there is nothing important going on so we can skimp on our daily grooming activities.  If you take those few extra minutes to look good, I guarantee it will have a positive impact on how you feel during the day.

5.  Clothes

Do you have a closet full of clothes you’re not wearing right now, either because you are not attending events or your clothes just aren’t fitting like they used to?  This is a great time to do a thorough wardrobe review, either on your own or with someone else.  At the least, put those clothes that you feel good in and are appropriate for your current lifestyle, to the front of your closet so they are the only clothes you look at in the morning.  Anything you can do now to increase your level of self care will increase your feeling of wellbeing and get your ready  to step into Spring which is just around the corner.

Covid Provisions   My client's comfort level around Covid is important to me and the store owners in our communities. I am so appreciative of the safety protocols the stores have put in place to be able to keep their stores open and make for a safe shopping experience for their customers. The wearing of masks and the use of disinfectants provided make everyone feel safe. 
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