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Having a current headshot should be on the top of every business owner’s “to-do” list.  
Here are six reasons why now is the perfect time to schedule that important photoshoot.              

1.  They are a necessity, not a luxury

In today’s visual social media focused world, almost every business person has a website and is a member of at least one social media platform, all requiring headshots. Today, not having a headshot that builds credibility with clients and other professionals is like not having a business card at a networking event.   

2.  They create the right first impression

In the first five seconds, people decide if they like you, if they trust you and if they can relate to you. We google individuals or visit their website before meeting them in person to get a sense of who they are.  We quickly form opinions about the professionalism of their company or the quality of work they offer based on that first impression.  Present a bad headshot with poor lighting, a dated style, or even the wrong pose or clothing and potential clients or colleagues may assume you either aren’t professional or don’t know any better or worse, that you don’t care!  Although these assumptions may be entirely untrue, it’s very hard to change a negative first impression.     

3.  They keep your brand looking fresh

Headshots should be current. When looking up a person online, you expect the photo to look like the person you meet.  While you may be tempted to use a thirty-something photo of yourself, what happens when you meet the person face-to-face, either on zoom or in person, and they discover you are 52 and not 32? 
Do you have the same length, color and even amount of hair as you do in your photo?  When someone meets you in person after seeing your headshot, would they be surprised? Would they even recognize you? Staying  current with the new trends in photos is also important.  Gone are the days of only taking a studio shot against a white background.  Lifestyle photos in a variety of outfits are now available at a reasonable price.     

4.  They set you apart from your competition  

Don’t damage your professional image with an amateur headshot. Using old family photos or asking a friend to take your headshot with their cell phone may be tempting, but for a professional profile, such as those on LinkedIn or a business website, not using the right images can undermine your credibility.  The photographer looks after the location, the equipment, the lighting and the body positioning for each shot.  Their skills of editing and retouching will ensure you look what I call “Imperfectly Perfect”.   Most people feel awkward in front of the camera without any direction.  A professional photographer will relax you and capture the perfect shots.    

5.  Hire an Image Consultant for the perfect shoot  

You have set aside time for the shoot and these photos are important to you.  Why not hire an Image Consultant to help coordinate it?  While the photographer is focused on deciding the location, the lighting and your body positioning, an Image Consultant looks after the other, yet often overlooked critical details.  
An Image Consultant assists with your wardrobe choices and styling.  She ensures your hair and makeup look professional, yet natural the day of the shoot and assists the photographer in making sure every hair and fabric is in place.  She helps keep you relaxed and having fun the whole time so your photos reflect and capture the essence of you.  The additional cost is a small investment for the great gain of the perfect photo shoot.    

6.  Professional Photos are Cost Effective

Having a variety of professional photos taken will ensure that no matter where that most important new client sees you, they will see you at your best.  When all things are equal between you and a competitor, your professional photo can be one of the deciding factors in choosing you.   When you have great photos of yourself you will find multiple uses for them. It might be a signature photo at the end of your emails, a business or charity requesting your photo or a social media post you want to make.  

Book your photoshoot today! Your job is to show up and a professional photographer and stylist will do the rest.  You will come away with timeless photos you can repurpose numerous times for your personal and professional needs.