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 I started out in a career as a Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst.  After a few years, even though I liked math and organizing things, I realized this was not the best job for me.  My real passion was fashion and making people look their best.

1. Setting Up My Dream Job

I worked with a business coach in 1995 who helped me transition from owning a women’s clothing store to becoming a full time Image Strategist.  She asked me to tell her what my perfect job would look like and I told her my ideal job would be to specialize in doing complete makeovers for men and women.   I have never looked back.  My job really is my dream job!

2.  My Clients Want A Makeover

A recent client of mine had gained weight and found herself wearing nothing but black to try to hide her body.  This only added to the problem of feeling she didn’t have her own personal style. 

She had lost interest in and had become lazy looking after her skin and wearing makeup. She had grown out her hair until it no longer had any style.  

3. Clarifying Personal Goals

Her goal for this year was to present herself better at work in hopes of being considered for a promotion.

She was also wanting to start dating and needed the confidence that comes from knowing she had the perfect outfit for various dating scenarios - a casual coffee date, lunch and dinner outfits as well as a sporty look for a Saturday afternoon at Granville Island.  

We talked about her wanting to look her best now.  If she lost weight that would be a separate issue but not necessary to look fabulous.  

4. Clarifying The Starting Point

We cleaned out her closet and because she had only black hanging there, she had a lot of good basics already.  People had begun to give her clothes that she never wore so we passed those on.   

5. The Makeover Process

She went to a hair stylist that knew how to style her hair to bring out her features. 

We did a makeup application of light tasteful makeup that enhanced her features.  

We spent a Saturday shopping for her new look.  I could see how as we tried on clothes throughout the day, she was starting to come alive and she liked her new look.  She no longer felt frumpy and old and no longer talked about needing to lose weight first in order to look great.  

5. Life Changing Results

I know that just tweaking her hair, makeup and clothes will be life changing for her as it is for most people I work with.  How she looks will no longer get in the way of her stepping out to live her life fully.