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Top 5 Reasons Women Put Off Getting Their Wardrobe Handled

I think we'd all agree that looking our best gives us greater confidence.  So why do we put off getting our clothes and our presentation handled?  Over the years I have worked with thousands of women and I've found that there are five common hurdles.

1.  I need to lose weight first.

Many women tell me they are holding off getting their wardrobe handled until they lose weight.  You can look great at any weight and the right clothes can totally re-proportion your body.  If you are in the process of losing weight, buy fewer items.  Specifically buy more tops than bottoms, since these are the easiest to alter when you do lose weight. Getting some new clothes can help keep you motivated during the weight loss process.


2.  I have little time and energy to spend on myself.

It's easy for women to take care of everyone else first, leaving no time or energy for themselves. Ironically, the greatest gift you can give to others is to take care of yourselfWhen you look after your appearance, you take the focus completely off yourself so you can really be there for others. 


3.  I'm not sure where to start.

Set a plan and then implement changes in bite size pieces depending on your budget and lifestyle needs. Begin with your closet, separating what fits from what doesn't. Take care of anything that needs altering, mending, washing or dry cleaning so your existing wardrobe is ready to wear. Make a short and a long term list of what you need to complete your existing wardrobe.


4.  I have limited financial resources to spend on myself.

Many people I talk to today have limited resources and want to be cautious where they spend their money. Often the areas of grooming and appearance are one of the first budget items to be cut when finances are tight. It is important to add a few pieces of clothing each season so your wardrobe never gets into complete breakdown. Your appearance is a small investment for a great gain. 


5.  I don't know what to buy when I do go shopping.

Shopping can be exhausting and frustrating, especially if you don't find what you are looking for Endless hours of taking things into fitting rooms, only to find nothing works can be very disheartening. There is a skill needed to find the right clothes, so it is wise to get help. In two hours of shopping with a professional, you can find items you love and enjoy wearing and work with your existing wardrobe. 

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