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Here are 5 tips that make shopping during the pandemic, relaxing and enjoyable.

1. Be Comfortable

Wear a comfortable mask. You may have collected a few masks along the way and are finding that some of them are more comfortable than others. The blue masks may not be the prettiest but they are one the most breathable. Bring along a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

2. Assess your wardrobe needs

If you are spending more time at home you may be in need of comfortable clothes that you look and feel great in. Manufacturers and store owners have really pivoted during this time to offer collections of casually smart, comfortable styles, especially colorful tops and sweaters.

Are you needing some fabulous tops for those endless zoom calls?

Do you need a casual festive top or some new eye makeup colors? Even though there may be no events to go to this season, you will feel better if you take the time to dress up.

3. Shop with a plan

Along with your list of clothing needs that suit your lifestyle right now, think about and set a budget. Take a few items with you such as shoes and pants to ensure that what you buy works with what you already own.

I suggest going shopping with your hair and makeup done so you will be looking your best when you are trying on clothes.

4. Ask for help

Whether you are shopping with a professional stylist or you are requesting help from a salesperson, tell them what you are looking for and see what they suggest. Some of the best clothes have no “hanger appeal” and vice versa. Something may look nondescript on a hanger but when you put it on a body it looks fabulous. Experts can suggest items you would have passed up on your own but will instantly become one of your favourites.

I also tell my clients, “Even if I think something looks great on you and everyone on the planet thinks it looks great, if you don’t feel like a ’10’ in it, don’t buy it". There are lots of clothes for everyone and if this outfit doesn’t work, there are lots of other clothes to choose from.

5. BONUS: Private Shopping Appointments

If you are someone who would like another level of safety, consider shopping with a professional stylist. Stylists have arrangements with stores to open early or stay late to accommodate individual browsing. Contact me if you would like this service.

Finding those few new pieces to freshen up your wardrobe will make you look and feel fabulous this Christmas season and into the New Year.

Covid Provisions

My client's comfort level around Covid is important to me and the store owners in our communities. I am so appreciative of the safety protocols the stores have put in place to be able to keep their stores open and make for a safe shopping experience for their customers.

The wearing of masks and the use of disinfectants provided make everyone feel safe.

If you have questions or you'd like some help, Contact Patti