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Great wardrobes don't just happen.  It all starts with standing in front of your closet and evaluating what you have to work with.  Speaking from the experience of someone who has cleaned hundreds of closets, I can assure you that virtually everyone has the same challenges when it comes to putting their summer wardrobe together.   

Summer is particularly challenging because we are often only wearing a top and bottom as opposed to wearing that important third piece of a jacket or cardigan that can complete an outfit.  Here are three simple steps to take to refresh your summer wardrobe.  

1. Simplify. 

Most women have a lot of clothes in their closet but studies show they only wear about 20% of them.  Our closets contain items we have collected over the years but seldom wear.  These include pieces that we know were mistakes as well as those items we plan to wear when we lose those ten pounds.   

The problem with having too many clothes in our closet that we're not wearing, is that it makes it impossible to see what we do have that works now.   Start to simplify your wardrobe by removing those clothes that you just don't feel good in.   It's better to wear the same outfits over and over and always feel attractive in what you are wearing, than it is to have a closet full of clothes that clutter up our closet and our lives.

2. Select. 

Do you feel you have good pieces in your closet but you have trouble pulling them together to make great outfits?  Spend time trying on each outfit and looking at it in a full length mirror.  Take pictures of your ten best outfits, complete with shoes and accessories so you remember what goes with what.  This can help you identify the reason an outfit that should work just isn't coming together.  It might highlight that you haven't updated your wardrobe with the new pant silhouette or are missing the right shoes to complete the outfit.   Better utilization of the clothes you do have will refresh your summer look.  

3. Strategize. 

It takes patience and expertise to shop for and find those items that are true coordinates.  Sometimes adding one new piece or one accessory or a new shoe can take a number of outfits from good to great.  Closet Cleaning can seem overwhelming, however, this one step can simplify and organize your life. 

It is hard to objectively sort through your own wardrobe.  I suggest to my clients that every few years they get professional help to do this.   It is much faster, easier, more thorough and just more fun to have someone assist you.  One of the services I offer is a Closet Cleaning and Wardrobe Review.    If you'd like help utilizing more of your existing wardrobe and then identifying what can be added to keep your look current, call me.